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Rodders Life is about Rodder’s and Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Nostalgia Drags, Rodders, Hobbies their families, rod runs cruise nights, technical tips, the next generation and last generation of rodders.

Classic car enthusiasts will point to the importance and responsibility of preserving the history of the vehicle, while many hot rod enthusiasts are attracted to the fun and creativity involved in enhancing a historic vehicle with modern technology.

Classic cars are a labor of love.

You can usually identify a hot rod simply from the amazing custom paint job. From fresh greens to vibrant oranges to deep purples, with the right design and color, your hot rod will look as cool as the toy cars you may have played with as a child. And that brings us to an important reason to own a hot rod – they’re fun! While classic cars will certainly turn heads too, there’s something about a custom hot rod paint job that just screams fun.

Vintage Cars


Bill Burke

The Tank Pioneer

One of the founders and innovators of hot rodding. In his 97 years he innovated a variety of race cars including configuring surplus WWII aircraft auxiliary fuel drop tanks as land speed racing bodies—better known as belly tanks.

One Fast Lady

Veda Or

Karl Orr, an early L.A. hot rodder, had a fast lakester and a reputation for being ornery.  The only woman who compete on the lakes. Veda started the SCTA News newsletter, and during the war she mailed the newsletters to servicemen overseas, and kept the dry lake flame burning for those so far away.

A Profile in Courage

Chet Herbert

Chet Herbert Competition Cams came into being, along with a succession of record-setting “Beasts” that used his hot camshaft designs. Later inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame, Chet Herbert built record-setting cars and engines until he died in 2009. Later on in the 1950s, Herbert returned to drag racing, this time focused on dragsters. He tried a variety of multiple-engine configurations, pioneering the twin inline V-8 format in 1962.

Renaissance Car Man

Dean Batchelor

An active hot rodder before World War II, Batchelor served in a B-17 in the U.S. Army Air Corps, was shot down over Munich in 1944, and became a POW for a year. His post-racing career included work as a mechanic, as a historian at the National Automobile Museum in Reno and an influential car journalist, including a stint as editor at Road & Track. Later he wrote critically acclaimed books on Ferrari, Porsche and racing pioneer Briggs Cunningham, along with the definitive history, The American Hot Rod, completed the night before he died.

Faster Than Them All

Don Garlits

American race car driver and automotive engineer. A pioneer in the field of drag racing, he perfected the rear-engine Top Fuel dragster, an innovation motivated by the loss of part of his foot in a dragster accident. Garlits has won ten American Hot Rod Association championships, four International Hot Rod Association championships, and three National Hot Rod Association championships, a total of 17. He was age 54 when he won the last. 


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