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Retro Retailers Association

In the fast-changing globalized and technology-driven business world, the Retail industry over the last few decades has witnessed a sea change.  It has grown and paved the path for expansion of business as well as employment opportunities. Technology specifically digital innovation plays a big role in retail. Not only through online shopping, but in brick & mortar stores as well, bringing in digital touch to customer’s experience can give huge advantages to businesses.

Retro Retailers Association is founded by Adrian Louis Spadaro. He has his own Retro Clothing Line, providing retro clothes around Melbourne since 2013. Retro Retailers Association aims to connect and unite all retro retailers and provide members the best benefits they could have in terms of common services and trade information. We also support each member's effort to expand globally competitively and encourage them to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the community.


We ensure the availability of a wide variety of choices of products for the customers by keeping different varieties at various prices and also different brands as well. Customized services and pay personalized attention to the customers for achieving a higher level of satisfaction with the delivery of product or service. Purchase and maintain a stock of those products which are mostly demanded by the customers. We aim at catering to the requirements of all kinds of customers with varied buying capacities.

The prime focus Retro Retailers Association (RRA) is on maximizing customer and member satisfaction both by delivering quality products and services. We take the responsibility to identify the most economical source for obtaining the goods from the suppliers and passing on the advantages to the consumer.



These shoes are hand made in full leather with leather soles and can be made in any combination of colours, please look at the swatches in the other folder or these descriptions to order . They take 3 weeks to make and the cost is $175