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We aim to provide you the best quality and design with love stuffs. Buy any of the following items and help the needy people. All profit will be given to a charity.

About Us

Fair shop for the people

Our aim is to reduce poverty all over the world by providing good quality products at a fair cost and the profit will go to the people - less fortunate, homeless people. We serves as the bridge to make this world a better place to live in. 

Our mission is to provide charity works all over the world and connecting to people.

By shopping here you are helping to make the world a better place. 

Meet The Team



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Adrian is from Melbourne, Victoria. He has a Degree in Physical Education, specializing in Dance, Human Movement, Biomechanics, and Care & Prevention of Sports Injuries. He is best known for his considerable contribution to the Rock and Roll dance scene over many years. Adrian had employed many people over the years, making sure that everyone had something to do. He also has his own retro retail shop - Red Hot Retro Clothing.


“I have spent 30 years thinking of ways to make this a world I would like to live in. A world of Community, Caring & Compassion.” - Adrian


RACHEL MAR SIAROT Researcher and Data Entry Specialist

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Rachel was born and raised in Iligan City, Philippines. She started working virtually when she was 17 years old, her first job way back 2015 was transcribing a sign-in sheet for $3.33 only.


She had her first big project with SocialRadar in 2016 and followed by many clients until she graduated from college.


MAICA BREVERLY AMAR Researcher and Data Entry Specialist

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Maica is an outgoing person, friendly and God-fearing.

Quote says "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" 

The journey of her life started during her college days as a part-timer in an online job. She graduated in 2015 and worked as an Assistant Manager of a private company for over 4 years.  She quit her job to learn the Korean Language as her new hobby. Time goes by, she finds herself to work virtually again and works on some projects by different clients.


Volunteers are welcome, we are excited to work with you and share your skills on how we can everything better.

If you are interested to do a voluntary work, we would love hearing from you.

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